Empire Earth III Graphics

I'm sort of over Empire Earth III, the game has long been too sprawling to me. But, the graphics for the latest iteration look pretty amazing.


    This video is just pure marketing hype. While the building destruction and explosions are interesting, the graphics are really not that good. The warping of the area around explosions and the way pieces break off things might sound awesome but it doesn't look that good. Take a close look at the environment and the unit characters and buildings and its the same as an RTS from 4 years ago.

    The graphics in this game look so bad. I have a 8800GTX and I have set antialiasing at max and the shadows on - and the shadows have jaggies. I turned 'show grass' on but the land looks flat with no detail. What grass? The units like the peasants/builders and the military units are simple looking things with no detail. I want environment detail and beautiful characters like in oblivion or NWN2, not this cr4p! I know its not rpg like those 2 but when there are so many funky options in the video settings for the game, but nothing seems to make a difference when you turn them on or not, something is seriously wrong. I'm glad it doesn't cycle through day/night coz nothing *annoys* me off more than that in a game - like GTA on PSP.
    But I expected this to be awesome and I was seriously let down.

    Gameplay is basic and dumbed down. There is no strategy to this. Research everything, advance to future age and then build a big army and dominate. World domination is almost fun, but not as good as a nice 4x strategy game like space empires V.

    I got the impression from the promos that you would have a globe to play with and I thought of populous and how good that was back in the day, but this is nothing like that. They've tried to go down the territory path like Axis and Allies but it just doesn't fly. Star Wars empire at war does a much better job of that sort of game.

    Why can't we have a game with slightly more focus on your empire and a little less on just building the biggest army and crushing all. Something with both strategy and tactics, not just 1 obvious strategy with minimal tactical options.

    Why not a game like this:

    It stinks and it sinks.

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