Epic Avoids the Wii, Can't Blame Them

arghmyeyes.jpgEpic's UT3 engine brings them a lot of money in licensing. But there appears to be one oversight: Epic is making no money on the most popular next gen console on the market today. Mark Rein explains what gives.

I don't think there's a lot of money on making engines for the Wii... because the big software dollars right now are being earned on Xbox 360 and they're going to be earned on PlayStation 3, and I think unless you're going to sell your engine to Nintendo, you're going for scraps on that platform.

Subtext? Because everyone other than Nintendo will just be cashing in on beefed DS ports. It's too bad major engine makers like Epic aren't getting into the Wii, since we still need the system's graphics to be pushed to the max, even if that max is nowhere near true graphical maximums.

Mark Rein: No money in Wii engines [cvg and gametrailers]


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