Euro Retailers List PS3 40GB At €449, Promote FIFA Bundle

ps3_40gb_price.jpgThe cheapest PlayStation 3 yet may be released at a reduced price of €449, according to a promotional flyer from European retailer Carrefour. The shots, seemingly taken at the bottom of a pool or possibly through a jar a Vaseline, show the new 40GB model promoted at a price €150 less than the current 60GB configuration and seem to originate from the Tekno Consolas forums.

In addition to the €449 model, a bundle featuring FIFA 08 and the PS3 is advertised for a price of €489, compounding the value to nearly incomprehensible levels. Oops, I'm thinking that Pro Evo Soccer 2008 would add value. Apologies.

These shots are unconfirmed as official, but certainly don't fly in the face of anything we've been hearing lately about the forthcoming rumoured new hardware configuration. Maybe we'll know more on "Big Bang" Friday.

Playstation 3 a 449 € el 11 de octubre segun Carrefour [Tekno Consolas Forums - thanks to all our tipsters!]


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