Every Extend Extra Extreme: An Overview

Kandinskypainting.png I came across this thoughtful overview of Every Extend Extra Extreme, Q? Entertainment's XBLA version of the PSP's Every Extend Extra (which is itself a version of Every Extend) that came out this past week. I haven't checked it out yet, since I've been up to my neck in work and my 360 has been left to fend for itself in the wilds of my living room, but I'm looking forward to taking it for a spin. Even more so after reading through this review of sorts:

In this way it almost compensates for the visually noisy playfield in a way that Space Giraffe fails to do. In Space Giraffe you have to quickly parse any useful information out of the busy playfield, the busy user interface and the busy audio, here you only need to really concentrate on the game. The tight design and colour selection further brings it all together into a very nice little package.

Above all, Every Extend Extra Extreme feels to be the closest realisation of that Kandinsky-inspired experience that Mizuguchi[1]has been trying to create since Project-K(andinsky), aka. Rez.

I'd be surprised if it manages to bump Lumines from my 'most loved' XBLA list, but anything's possible.

Every Extend Extra Extreme [the-inbetween via GameSetWatch]


    Nope, sorry, Mizuguchi went one step too far and one too many "E"'s. He should of stayed at Extend. Extra is too much and gets boring rather quickly.

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