Everything We Actually Know About New PS3 SKU

ps3grill_2006-11-21.jpgSony's recent FCC filing over the alleged 40GB PS3 has gotten us all focusing on the wrong issues. Why do we constantly look at the one feature of the PS3 that consumers can most easily change (the swappable hard drive) to define an SKU? And besides, the 40GB drive is the rumour aspect of the story anyway. PS3Forums is refocusing out attention to what we actually know about this new SKU (while I'm just bitching off topic about what actually matters).

It draws less current; Now only rated 3A down from the previous 3.2A

Bluetooth is the same version as before, however the antenna gain is increased on Antenna1 from 0.21dBi (max) in the original 60GB, up to 3.83dBi (max) in the new SKU. Antenna2 also sees an increase, from 4.13dBi (max) up to 4.92 dBi (max).

WLAN is still 802.11b/g, however there is a difference in antenna gain too. ANT0 is now 0.69dBi from 0.10dBi previously, and ANT1 is now -0.26dBi from 0.91dBi.

The controller used in the test had the model number of the original launch SixAxis, not the DualShock 3.

And as for the existence of a 40GB hard drive, just remember, if you actually use the PS3 as your future hi-def media hub, 60 and 80GB versions aren't going to offer enough space, either. Facts about new SKU. No rumours please. [via gamingtoday] [Pic]


    Can't imagine it will be that different. Loving the PS3 barby in the picture!

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