Ex-Harmonix Dev Has Harsh Words For PlayStation 3

ps3_tearing.jpgFormer Harmonix employee and one-time PlayStation 3 developer Jason Booth has posted a harsh evaluation of Sony's latest console, refuting claims that PS3 developers are "lazy"—resulting in ports of Xbox 360 games that often perform worse than the original—and attempting to "explain exactly why ports to the ps3 will never be as good as their 360 counter parts, and why most ps3 exclusives will likely continue to suck." Oh, boy, this should be good. Booth does his best to pick apart what seem like hardware advantages, mainly the Cell and Blu-ray, and how they may wind up being nothing but hindrances.

He echoes Gabe Newell's assessment of the PlayStation 3 hardware at certain points, writing that "code needed to make the PS3 work is most likely only useful to you on the PS3" and that the reasons for dedicating the effort to optimizing the hardware are dwindling. He means the fact that PS3 sales are in the basement.

Booth later writes that "Sony let their hardware be designed by a comity [sic]of business interests", dooming it to third place in the current generation forever.

As merely a consumer, not a developer, it's certainly difficult to disagree that the current third-party offerings on the PlayStation 3 are disheartening. Games perform worse, they're often delayed and they are often devoid of features their predecessors or Xbox 360 counterparts ship with.

PS3 misconceptions and spin [Blog of Booth - thanks, Scott!]


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