Band Of Bugs Invaded By Ninjas

bandofninjas.jpgMy opinion of the game aside, people are really digging Ninja Bee's Xbox Live strategy game, Band of Bugs, with its level editor allowing them to create and share levels with their friends. Once again the company is rewarding the stalwart fans of the game with an expansion pack - and this is one I may need to check out myself. The expansion is called Ninja Sticks of Fury, and adds the world's most deadly assassins to the mix. Players will guide a Ninja named Vail and their band of mercenaries across the snowy mountains beyond the insect kingdom in order to thwart a mysterious group of evil doers. The pack also introduces the snowy terrain type to the level editor so players can create their own winter wonderland to kill each other on. The expansion is now available via Xbox Live Marketplace for a measly 250 Microsoft points. Happy ninja-ing!

Ninja Bee: Now with Extra Ninjas! Band of Bugs latest expansion adds extensive downloadable content

Orem, Utah - October 15, 2007 - NinjaBee, a division of Wahoo Studios and a leading independent developer of Xbox LIVE Arcade titles, announced yesterday its newest expansion pack, Ninja Sticks of Fury, for the Band of Bugs title. With this new expansion pack comes a new shadowy character, new achievements and a bigger challenge than anything that came before it.

The new campaign is set in a new desolate and mountain area beyond the known Insect Kingdom. Featuring a new unit class, players guide a ninja named Vail who leads a group of mercenaries while a mysterious group wreaks havoc across the snowy wasteland. The ninja adds a new level of strategy to Band of Bugs, forcing players to think in new ways.

Band of Bugs has gained popularity for its innovative level editor, which allows any user to create unique content for their friends and the community. Ninja Sticks of Fury adds a brand new unit and a winter tile set to the editor allowing level designers to push their creativity to the limit. The Snowy environment is not only available in the editor, but will automatically enhance select existing maps already in the game, adding new variety to old favourites.

Band of Bugs was released in June, 2007. It is available on Xbox LIVE Arcade as both a free trial and as a full game for only 800 Microsoft Points. It supports 1-4 players in co-op or in multiplayer versus modes and also supports the Xbox LIVE Vision camera. One of the few turn-based tactics games available, Band of Bugs provides gameplay deep enough to be satisfying to established fans of the genre, but friendly enough to appeal to casual gamers. Currently, the game has fifty levels, 3 map packs, 2 additional campaigns, and also features a level editor allowing gamers to design custom scenarios and play them solo or over Xbox LIVE with friends.


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