Eye of Judgement Card Creating Easier Than Expected?

eoj_handdrawn_cards.jpgWe've already proven that the collectible cards for The Eye of Judgment are easily copyable, but some Japanese 2channel message board posters have an even lower tech solution for skirting card security. Allegedly, some DIY PlayStation 3 owners have created their own fake cards without requiring an original scan nor access to special inks, generating them with Photoshop or simply drawing out the basic identifying shapes by hand with a couple of coloured felt-tipped markers.

Unfortunately, the west coast office has no access to a copy of The Eye of Judgement with which to test this out. It's actually I'm quite interested in pursuing, as I asked the game's North American producers just how they had planned to circumvent card copying and cheating at E3 earlier this year. They didn't seem the slightest bit concerned at the time.

Given that one of their revenue streams may be drying up, should guilt-free players opt not to drop $US 15 on theme packs or $US 4 on booster packs, we wonder how concerned they are now.

Thanks for the tip, macavity.


    too bad game is dead ... there will be no eoj 2 or other card games GRATZ

    I have it it's great.

    I've asked if the local gamestop shop will be getting in cards they said yes but the cards have to come from hasbro which requires a seprate account for hasbro etc.

    So some places might not bother with the cards at all.

    I'll be buying some cards, this game has sold out big time over in the USA,hopefully it has done the same here as well.

    As it's a very good card/game overall quite easy yet very complex in how you can use cards to win games.

    the problem with making up cards would be when comps start up and you need to show your cards.

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