Fallout 3 Demo Not Likely

Fallout_perk4.jpgIt doesn't look like we'll be getting a demo of Fallout 3, at least according to Bethesda Community Manager, Matt Grandstaff:

For a game like Fallout (or Oblivion), there's a lot of details that have to go into it since the game plays as a sandbox... where do you cut the user off...If we were doing a demo, there'd be a lot of time spent on deciding where a user could go, what quests to includ...we'd rather commit the time that can be used for delivering a demo into spending more time working on the final product.

It's too bad, since many of us are eager to play the game—if not for doubting evaluation, then just to try it out a few weeks before launch. And besides, you can never start training too early for our post-nuclear apocalypse future.

Fallout 3 Demo In Doubt? [gamelife]


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