Fantastic Halo 3 Weapons Based On Boring Real Ones

knifeyspoony.jpgSo I FINISHED THE FIGHT last night. Had a blast, but one of the things that struck me towards the end of the game was how many weapons I'd been through. Felt like dozens of the things. Some were trusted and familiar, some were new, some were great, some were a bit crap. One thing they all had in common, though, was that they looked both nice and functional. How'd Bungie achieve that? Pseudoscience. In other words, if you're making a piece of sci-fi kit, base it on something real, it'll go down better:

The [Spartan Laser]may be fantastical, but like many Halo 3 weapons, the designers at Bungie Studios — the company that makes Halo — actually based it on a real-world object: The Galilean telescope beam expander.

Glad they went with Spartan Laser. It's catchier. Sci-Fi, Serendipity Spawn Halo 3's New Weapons [Wired]


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