Final "Believe" Commercial Goes Spoiler Crazy

This is the last Halo 3 "Believe" commercial. In case you didn't catch my drift in the headline, if you haven't finished the game you might want to stay away. For those who have finished the game... this smacks a little of over-explanation. Might have just been better to leave things as they were.



    WTF?? But he didn't die?? Don't see the spoiler in that at all...if anything, it makes the ending even better as it'll actually have a twist now.

    This really isnt a spoiler.

    Yes he didn't die but no-one knows that except for himself and Cortana, as the guy says it's 43 years after the war and apparently the signal that cortana sent out hasn't been detected yet


    Personally ... the ending for me was lacking. I mean the actual playable ending was great ... just ... the cinematic side of it.

    Lucky the multiplayer rocks balls, and the reduction of the occurrence of shotty snipers makes it all the much more fun ...

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