Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Potion

DSCF9449.JPG This morning's power breakfast was one slice of toast and one can of Final Fantasy Potion. Once again, Square Enix has teamed with Osaka beverage maker Suntory to create a "potion" promotion to promote FF. This time around, the drink is for the tenth anniversary of Final Fantasy VII.

DSCF9452.JPG Last year's endeavor tasted somewhere between repulsive and repugnant. Undrinkable! How about this year's? Not so bad. The FFVII Potion tastes like a watered down version of another Suntory drink, Dekavita C. For those who have never had Dekavita C, it has a heavy medicinal flavor with a hint of citrus. From what I remember, Dekavita C is actually green, while FFVII Potion is yellow.

DSCF9450.JPG Final verdict: The drink itself is a definite improvement over the previous effort. Do know that I am used to drinking those so-called Japanese "genki drinks." (These are medicinal type energy drinks sold in Japan.) The art on the can is well done and does look nice. Though, a silver can does have a Pavlov's dog effect in that I can only think of one thing: Silver canned beer like Asahi Super Dry or Coors Light.



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