Find Places to Bathe with Old Men, Monkeys

Jigokudani_hotspring_in_Nagano_Japan_001.jpg Onsens AKA hot springs AKA bathing with naked people are quite popular in Japan! Coed baths are rare these days (or are filled with old people), and private baths are on the pricey side. And those few onsens with monkeys? Monkeys crap in the water! Still, families do enjoy heading out of the city to take relaxing outdoor baths and eat delicious Japanese food. DS game Onsen Techo helps find the perfect hot springs for your next vacation. Self-proclaimed "Hot Spring Professor" Tadanori Matsuda oversaw the title, which provides info about 2,000 onsens as well as the beneficial effect of the various springs. There is also information about Japanese inns and hotels. With fall and winter being a great time to hit hot springs, I'd totally pick this game up — if I could use it more than once or twice a year. DS Hot Springs [Japan Today via Fucked Gaijin]


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