Fold Paper, Win Cool Ace Combat 6 Stuff

pikaplane1.jpg Now aren't those just darling? Reader Kyle made this Pika-Plane from heavy construction and even wrote an exciting dialogue to go with it.

"Kotaku One to Pika-Plane. Pika-Plane, please respond."

"Copy, Kotaku One. This is Pika-Plane. Over."

"Pika-Plane, please adjust your flightpath six degrees to the south. When it comes to Pokemon-themed aircraft, Kotaku Tower is a No-Fly Zone. Over."

See? EXCITING. What's going on? We're doing a paper airplane contest for Ace Combat 6. We've got a bundle of goodies that includes: • Ace Combat 6 • Glossy, photo-quality screenshots autographed by the game's producer and director • Ace Combat 6 Xbox 360 faceplates &null; The AC6 Flightstick set So what's the contest? Paper airplanes! That's right, to win this bundle you've gotta fold, cut, glue bits of paper together in hopes of creating a truly gnarly paper jet plane. They don't have to actually fly, but hey, if they do, that's a major plus. Be sure to snap a pic of your creation with something that says "Kotaku" and send it to kotakucontestATgmailDOTcom. Add "Ace Combat 6 Contest" to your subject line. Deadline is October 25th.


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