Foot-On New Mario Shoes

DSC01493.JPG My new pair of Legacy X Nintendo 2007 shoes just hit the house. Yes, I ran out and ordered them the second Mike posted that they 400 limited run shoes were available.

I've only been wearing them for a few minutes so I can't really say how they will break in. They look quite nice and distinct up close, but mostly average from afar, which is what I like. They smell like someone emptied a can of spray paint into them, maybe two. In fact, they're right now giving me a headache, but I assume that will go away over time. The only other thing I should not is that while I ordered my shoe size, they feel slightly tight, so they may run a little smaller than normal.

While they're no replacements for my poor, worn out Space Invader shoes, they're still decent stand ins and I expect that once they're broken in they'll be fine. I particularly like the Mario and Yoshi buried under the rubber of the sole on the bottom of the shoes. Nice touch.


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