Foreigners Cause Panic on Tokyo Trains

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When I first came to Japan a gazillion years ago, people really didn't celebrate Halloween. I mean, they had heard of it, but largely, it was a holiday foreigners (by foreigners, I mean Westerners) celebrated in Japan. This year, however, I really noticed that Japan was making a bigger deal out of Halloween, and some people seemed like they were getting into it.

Where does that leave the foreigners? Here, apparently — well some of them. A group of apparently drunk foreigners took over a Tokyo train car, got down to their skippies, climbed in the luggage rack, dirtied up the train carriage and did things like removed the lights. All this on a train that people use to get home, to their jobs, etc.

Sure, these folks just wanted to let loose, celebrate. It was the weekend before Halloween. And hey, Japanese people run amuck, too. When the Hanshin Tigers won the league championship, people vandalised things, got glorious drunk, jumped into the Dotombori River. The difference? Right or wrong, they are Japanese. This is their country — not that it gives them carte blanche. Shouldn't forget that we are guests here and that the Japanese government is actually very open about foreigners living here and working. Do I worry about events like this making my life more difficult here? Not really. Just feel bad for all those people who after a long day at work or w/e had to deal with that shit.

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