Forza Motorsport 3 For Late 2009?

Forza Motorsport 3 For Late 2009?

forza.jpgSurfer Girl Reviews Star Wars reports that a third instalment in the racing series is currently in development, most likely at Microsoft’s Turn 10 Studios. Other than that, there are no more details. Guess the fans out their will have to keep their eyes peeled, or if you have a thing against peeling, boiled.

In other news, has Surfer Girl reviewed Star Wars yet? I know it’s one of those random names, but surely it wouldn’t hurt to have a quasi-real critique up somewhere. For me, you know?

Two quick exclusives [Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars]


  • Played a demo of Forzza 2 today, found it quite funny you have to drift all the cars around a track.

    this also includs $300,000+ cars that don’t even allow wheel slip at 200+ kph on corners in real life.

    Yep sure is 1 great car driving sim, lol.

  • @ Scott-

    Have you ever driven a car in real life? Maybe if you took your finger off the accelerator at some point the car wouldn’t be losing traction the whole race. You know, like real life. Cars have brakes for a reason…

    By the way, maybe you should actually go look at something like a Top Gear review of those cars that ‘don’t allow wheel spin’ to see how easy it is to drift them. Uncontrolled power = wheel spin; from Excels to Enzos, every car can and will smoke a tyre if you push them.

  • Crazy fool. Why do you always jump?!
    (Avery Johnson)

    IF the `88 Fiero GT makes it to FM2 or/and FM3, I hope it will be possible to swap an Cadillac V8 Northstar in like quiet some do in real life.
    It would be a very good idea to give the camera in replay artificial intelligence. Why? Because some times as I raced in Forza, I was looking forward to watch the replay because there was a dramatic scene I wanted to see. But some times the scene I was looking forward to see was barely noticeable, or the whole action was lost because the camera had a total wrong angle to catch the action or it was too close focussed to the car.
    Now – if the camera could recognize that there is some thing interesting going on and would focus too on the car nearest to the players car, every dynamic moment would be captured and watching replays would gain more fun and value. It’s sad to say, but watching replay on Forsa 1 is more interesting. Because it is more balanced and thought out than Forsa 2. Forsa 2 is simply not finished. It was just pushed out on the marked. No time for fine tuning. Turn 10 even forgot to install events for cars on
    level “UNLIMITED”. The event for the highest power is for cars with up to
    720 horse power. Everything stronger than that is useless. The events of races where you can race with an over powered car can be counted on one hand. And the most of them are boring. There should be an UNLIMITED class. Forgotten, eh.
    How about a section with special courses.
    Or difficult circuits. Like tracks with one or two crossings. Or catastrophe-escape tracks. Where you have to complete a track in a certain amount of time to escape a mega tsunami. Or to avoid getting caught in lava on Hawaii. Or out racing a land slide or an avalanche. Down-hill-like.
    What I really like to see too is a salt lake high speed straight away.
    To get true high speed results. How about a “Pedal-to-the-metal” track?
    Where all eight cars start in one same row. With up and down hill, but always straight with light curves?

    What would be great too would be the possibility to interfere when I hire a driver and could take over at any time. As long I don’t touch the joy pad, the drivater does his thing. But when I pull the gas, break or stir, the commands I give would over right the drivater as long I press buttons. I hope for Forza 3 that it will be possible not just to create own drivater with
    different driving styles, but to load a race with more or just drivaters I created with cars I styled. Now that would bring salt into races.


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