Frontlines Dev Shines Light On PS3 Delay

frontlines_qa.jpgWhen publisher THQ announced a series of delays, pushing three of its marquee titles—Frontlines: Fuel of War, de Blob and Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon—one title stood out curiously, as only the PlayStation 3 version of Frontlines was coming later than its PC and Xbox 360 counterparts. Gamespot's recent Q&A with the game's senior producer, Joe Halper, reveals that "the Unreal Engine has some challenges with the PS3—you'll see with other developers—it's kind of a little late in the game with Epic, which is unfortunate." His comments were made before the announcement of the PS3 delay, but he later illustrates that every platform has its challenges.

He tells Gamespot that development on the Xbox 360 was harder due to the 32-person multiplayer goal and that the PS3's smaller available memory makes it challenging to develop for. Plus, SIXAXIS controls are still being balanced, adding an extra layer of development difficulty.

Halper discusses how the PS3 controller will be used in greater detail later in the interview.

Frontlines' delay is just another reminder that Epic and Sony Computer Entertainment had better be making good on their intentions to make the Unreal Engine a better fit for the PlayStation 3.

Q&A: Joe Halper on Frontlines: Fuel of War [Gamespot]


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