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So I'm not totally sure yet, but I'm edging toward sure. I think I may be able to pull off a fund raiser this year here in Colorado, specifically in Denver. I don't want to talk too many details yet because there are still some major road blocks I have to work out.

Chief among them is that the place I found that can host it the event, and is willing to donate the space, can only do it on a Wednesday in December. December is when it needs to be, but I'm afraid an event on a Wednesday will draw exactly one person: Me. So now I'm struggling with whether I should try to find a place that has something available on a Friday or Saturday, or whether to just grit my teeth, suck it up and hope for the best.

On top of that, I had hoped to primarily raise money with a raffle, but I just found out you need a license, a pretty hard to get license, to hold a raffle, even for a charity. So I'll probably just have to charge a cover to get in and then give away my collection of loot as door prizes. Maybe having food will help. I do plan on having some games on hnd to play to liven things up as well, and that should help a lot, but that means I also need to track down at least three big screen televisions.

Ugh. This is complicated.

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