GameSpot Gets Jubblies?

ggw.jpgWhile Ash is our resident jubblies expert in his Kotaku After Dark segments, we felt it our duty to report that CNET Networks (whom some of you may know better as the parent company of GameSpot) is taking on magazine veteran Stephen Colvin as Executive Vice President of their Entertainment & Lifestyle division. Colvin was formerly at Dennis Publishing where he was behind projects like Maxim, Blender and Stuff. We can only hope that the completely obvious is going to happen, and that the charming, but not so bikinilicious staff at GameSpot will be replaced with coked-out models wearing dental floss modified to resemble soccer jerseys. Hit the jump for a piece of the in-house memo on the topic.

Ed Note: my wife wanted to know what the hell this picture was doing in Photoshop. My explanation was—apparently— not good enough.

New Head of the Combined Entertainment and Lifestyle Business Unit

I am pleased to announce Stephen Colvin as EVP of our new Entertainment & Lifestyle business. A 20-year media veteran, Stephen joins us from Dennis Publishing, where he built Maxim, Blender, Stuff and The Week magazines. He has a track record as a dynamic leader and brand builder. Steph en will be based in our NYC office which allows us to expand our presence in a city that is the hub of the media world. Stephen will be spending a lot of time in San Francisco.

The merger of CHOW and Urban Baby into the Entertainment & Lifestyle business unit simplifies our business, and allows us to leverage infrastructure, tools and best practices across this larger group. Over the next few days and weeks there will be individual and team meetings within Entertainment and Lifestyle to discuss the transition process.

Stephen will be in San Francisco next week, and he is looking forward to meeting the team.

CNET Sells Webshots For $45 Million; Other News [via gamesetwatch]


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