GameStop Manager Killed During Robbery

mariettapolice.gifA robbery at the GameStop on Cobb Parkway South in Marietta, Georgia left the store manger dead. A man apparently entered the store around closing time, waited for the last of the customers to leave, and then pulled a gun. Using duct tape the suspect tied up the store manager, Matthew Chery, as well as a fellow employee, as well as the employee's father who arrived during the robbery to pick up his child from work. The suspect escaped with video games, DVDs, and consoles, leaving the three bound with tape over their mouths. Between the time the robber left and the police arrived, the 21 year-old store manager had died, possibly as a result of the duct tape gag, though police are still investigating. The suspect fled the seen with his loot, stealing Matthew Cherry's red 2004 Honda Civic LX in the process. I contacted another local GameStop location for comment this morning, but they were busy on a conference call about this very incident.

This is a GameStop I visit on occasion, so I am very interested in seeing justice done here. Police are currently looking for any information that will help them catch the robber turned killer. Hit the link below for a video that includes the suspect's description as well as details on the car he used to flee from the scene. We offer our condolences to Matthew's friends, family, and co-workers. Man Dies During Robbery At Video Game Store [WSB Atlanta - Thanks Captain Download] Photo Courtesy of Mike Morris of the Atlanta Journal Constitution


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