GameStop No Longer Offering Xbox 360 Replacement Plans

gamestopletter.jpg Whenever I purchase a major piece of electronics, be it form Best Buy or anywhere else, I always get the store's extended replacement plan. In almost every case it's come in extremely handy especially in the case of the DS Lite I got from GameStop which I had to return three times due to burnt out pixels. But, good things don't always last forever...

GameStop is now ending their replacement plan for new Xbox 360's due to the system's high failure rate. According to a GameStop employee newsletter and information provided to website GamersReports, current replacement plans will be honored until they expire, but no new ones will be offered.

Not too terribly surprising considering the seemingly never ending rash of stories about 360 hardware failure. I can only imagine that something like that would basically be bleeding money from the company right and left. Even though Microsoft has promised that all the new systems will no longer have these issues, it looks like GameStop isn't taking any chances.


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