Gaming Will Get Its "War and Peace"

warandpeacetolstoy.jpg I like Clive Barker. He's sharp. Like when film critic Roger Ebert turned up his nose at video games, the multi-talented Barker jumped right in and stood up for the art form. While others disparage the medium, Barker is upbeat, saying:

I think it stems from a very old idea of high art and low art that we've had in this country and actually originates, I think, in England. Very snobby idea about the fact that it's as much as anything about the people who produce the art as there is about the art form itself. The assumption is that the people who write comics are really people who simply can't write novels... Those high arts feel a little threatened when this other stuff comes along. I believe eventually there'll be a War and Peace of gaming. It'll happen.

Can't wait. You know, there are those who get things, and those who don't. Barker not only understand gaming, but art itself. Click below to read the full interview. Barker Interview [Level Up]


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