Gears of War Almost Ditched Multiplayer

gears-war.jpgMike Capps, President of Epic Games, revealed two horrible judgments that he almost made regarding Gears of War. The first regarded multiplayer:

I was going to cut multiplayer from Gears because I thought it wasn't coming together fast enough...The day before E3 I'm like "no guys, it's not pulling together". And they made it, they pulled it together, and then we won every award.

But maybe Gears multiplayer is only good because he almost cut it. Oohh, deep, we know. But Capps had another opinion that was just plain wrong.

So, you know I thought the Mad World music, for the commercial that's won so many awards, I thought it was stupid; I was like "what are you thinking? Nobody knows Donnie Darko any more.

No, now people just know Mad World as the song from the awesome Gears of War trailer.

But apparently it's a good thing nobody actually listens to this guy.

Mike Capps, Epic Games president, says he was going to cut multiplayer from Gears of War [pro-g]


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