GHIII Target Bundle Offers Double Trouble (Second Guitar)

gh3target.jpgWe're not sure how this news slipped by us, but we wanted to let potential PS2 Guitar Hero III buyers know about yet another exclusive GHIII bundle on the market. While Wal-mart may be offering GHIII with a wired controller, Target is offering a Duelling Axe Pack version packaged with not one but two SG controllers for $US 110 (or $US 100 this week). While the guitars are wired, tethering you to your PS2 like a rocker on a heroin drip, it's not a bad deal if you haven't owned a Guitar Hero game before and wanted the option to play with a buddy. Yes, we did just say heroin and buddy within the same breath. Exclusive Target Guitar Hero III Bundle With Two Wired Guitars [gamelife]


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