Google's Second Life/Home Project Out This Year?

myworld.jpgThere's been whispers here and there before, but those were a while ago and nothing came of them. Now though, more whispers. New whispers (OK, a week or so old, but it's news to me). Whispering about Google, and how they might be about ready to kick off an online community... gaming... advertising... thing. Students at Arizona State University have been invited to take part in testing for an online community/game due to be launched by a "major internet company" later this year. The Google link comes from the fact they're a somewhat major internet company, as well as close links between the company and ASU in the past. It's also rumoured/a given that Google's service would make use of Google Maps, Google Earth and probably every other nifty little application the company's come up with over the years. Google Ads included. Google testing "My World" for launch later this year [Ars Technica, via The Guardian]


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