Gran Turismo PSP Resists Grave, Still Breathing?

gtpsp.jpgGrab me by the legs, hold me over the edge of a rooftop and demand that I make a decisive judgement call on the future of Gran Turismo on the PSP, and I'll say "it's vapourware". Never coming, not going to happen, it was a big fat fib. And I'm going to stick to that call, in spite of the fact GamePro asked series boss Kazunori Yamauchi when we can expect to see the thing, and he asnwered:

Probably after GT 5. We are working on it, and we will get around to it eventually.

Eventually? In GT-speak, that's, like, forever. The PSP's not going to be around in 2012, least not in its current form.

New features for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue; PSP version still in the works [GamePro]


    I get the impression kazunori isn't overly impressed with the psp it's gran turismo 1 & 2 all over again the cars will undoubhtedly be rather blocky unless they render 2 car races or something!!

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