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Since I'm going to be vacationing in Australia for three weeks, I thought it might be fun to fill up that time, all of those empty slots, with guest editors. Guest editors are something that have a long tradition on other Gawker sites but something we've never done here on Kotaku, so I thought, "why not?"

After thinking about what sort of person I'd like to be posting on the site in my place, I came up with my own dream team. And when I approached the three, they all agreed, despite having incredibly hectic lives. So for the first week Geoff Keighley, of Game Head fame, will be posting on Kotaku, helping to keep the good tower tidy and even writing you his very own Day Notes. Week two will be in the hands of long time Kotaku friend and incredibly brainy Ian Bogost. Bogost, a professor at Georgia Tech, author of several books on serious gaming and one-time guest of the Colbert Report, should bring an interesting, and academic tone to his posts. Finally, the third week will be in the always charming hands of Gamasutra's Simon Carless. Besides once running Slashdot Games, he's also the guy most responsible for getting me hooked on Indie Games and helped me figure out which title to use in our practice run of the Game Club. (An idea I promise is not dead, just molting.)

I am overwhelmed that all three of these talented writers and gaming thinkers were willing to make the time to sit in the tower and keep things moving. It should be a blast. My only regret is that I won't be around to read their stuff.

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