Guilty Gear 2 Demo Rocks Japan

gg2demo.jpgWhen Guilty Gear was first released, I considered it one of the best 2D fighters I had ever played. Over the past 10 years the game has been using the Capcom method of creating sequels, adding new features and characters to the old game across various systems. When Guilty Gear 2: Overture was first announced for the Xbox 360 I was ecstatic. When I discovered it was going to be a 3D game, my excitement dropped a little bit. Then I found out it was an action-adventure game and my heart completely deflated. Larry Hryb brings word now that a Japan-only demo is out for the title, scheduled for release in that country at the end of the month, so we'll soon have a much better idea if the double jump of genre and dimension was a good idea. Of course, there are ways of getting the demo in the US, and an Xbox 360 near me might be downloading a 717MB demo as we speak, but that's all hearsay.

Demo: GUILTY GEAR 2 (Japan only) [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]


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