Guitar Center Selling Guitar Hero III

ghiii_box.jpgOne of our tipsters, who happens to work at national music retailer Guitar Center and will remain anonymous, let us know recently that his employer will be one of the many retailers stocking Activision's fake guitar playing game this holiday season. It appears to be the megastore's first attempt at selling video games, understandably, but, based on the pics we've been sent of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock arriving at the stock room, they're not just dabbling—they're buying in big amounts. The game also gets the front page treatment on, with only the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 versions appearing to be stocked.

It looks like an interesting experiment for Guitar Center, one that might have great crossover potential in-store. It will also surely push the number of times the question "Why don't they just play a real guitar?" is asked well into the billions.


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