Guitar Hero III Guitar Problems

adux_1969_6411832.jpgForums on GameSpot and the official Guitar Hero site are getting hit with a number of complaints about faulty Guitar Hero III controllers. Apparently some of the buttons will flake out over time with some controllers. It seems that a lot of gamers suspect that the guitar's detachable neck is to blame.

There's a lot of speculation so far, but no official word from Activision or RedOctane, which is unfortunate. I contacted the company this morning for a comment and they've yet to get back to me. We'll update or do another post once we hear some sort of official word. What about you, have you had any problems? The 360 I demoed with was fine and the Wii guitar had a momentary problem but seems fine again.

Guitar Hero III: Problems with the Detachable Neck [Law of the Game]


    The wireless dongle for the PS2 version is also a problem - just stops working, which renders the whole guitar useless.

    We have had problems with the PS3 guitar from day one (christmas day unfortunately) Up strum does not work and strum also sticks. I can not find a store with stock to replace my kit(or even just the guitar) and can not find a phone number for Activision in Sydney to even send it to for a replacement.

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