Guitar Hero III Xbox 360 & Wii Packshots

Guitar Hero III Xbox 360 & Wii Packshots

gh3_360box.jpgActivision’s Guitar Hero III will be with us shortly (November 7 for the picky), armed with wireless guitars, new songs and the promise of downloadable content. It’s so close you can’t help but smell that pungent combination of groupie armpit sweat and lead singer musk.

Reviews should start appearing in the next ten days or so. Until then, here’s some photos of the AU Wii and 360 packaging, including the guitars. Yes, they do come apart, and the 360 version is much prettier looking than the Wii. Though I think sticking a Wiimote in that hole would help a great deal.

All the photos after the jump. But just before you do that, here’s all the pricing info:

Guitar & game bundle:
Xbox 360/PS3: $169.95
PS2: $149.95
Wii: $159.95

Game only:
Xbox 360: $89.95
PS2: $69.95

Guitar only:
All: $79.95

gh3_wiibox.jpgThe Wii box.

gh3_360guitar.jpgThe Xbox 360 guitar.

gh3_wiiguitar.jpgThe Wii guitar, sans Wiimote.


  • @Ittekimasu: You mean the Bluetooth dongle? No, the Xbox 360 guitar uses the same wireless protocols as the standard 360 controller, so you just sync it like you would a normal gamepad.

  • Wait a minute.. ::does maths::
    Are they charging us 5c for a bigger box?
    It certainly looks a lot sexier than the Xplorer. I hope the neck is sturdy, though. Considering it can break apart for easy storage, I have fears it might break apart during a particularly enthusiastic rock out.

  • Is the PS2 bundle guitar the same as guitar hero 2’s? Will there be any major differences between PS2 vs 360 in terms of gameplay/functionality?

  • I want, I want, I want.

    Though I’m wondering … is it going to be worth buying another guitar if we can only get Rock Band in a bundle to start with? Or I wonder if, with our late release date (2008), if we’ll be able to buy it all seperately from when it becomes available?

    Anyone got any answers? Yoo-hoo?

  • From reports around the net the GH3 guitar is better then RB guitar anyway.

    Add to that the fact that the neck and face plates are removable, it’s only going to be matter of time before we see some awesome customisation options for the GH3 guitar =)

  • The Wii Guitar is the same price as the 360 one, despite wireless and motion sensing being a part of the Wii-Remote, theoretically reducing cost?

  • Prices = Highway fucking Robbery.

    1st Price is the Australian Conversion, 2nd is America’s price on RedOctane.

    Wii Bundle: $146 USD | $89.99

    360/PS3 Bundle: $155 USD | $99.99

  • 240 for the game and 2 guitars? for me this has turned from a must buy to a “buy when i can buy cheap knock off guitars”… no wait i can do better… For me this has gone from a “must buy” to a “Meh buy”

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