Guitar Hero III Xbox 360 & Wii Packshots

gh3_360box.jpgActivision’s Guitar Hero III will be with us shortly (November 7 for the picky), armed with wireless guitars, new songs and the promise of downloadable content. It’s so close you can’t help but smell that pungent combination of groupie armpit sweat and lead singer musk.

Reviews should start appearing in the next ten days or so. Until then, here’s some photos of the AU Wii and 360 packaging, including the guitars. Yes, they do come apart, and the 360 version is much prettier looking than the Wii. Though I think sticking a Wiimote in that hole would help a great deal.

All the photos after the jump. But just before you do that, here’s all the pricing info:

Guitar & game bundle:
Xbox 360/PS3: $169.95
PS2: $149.95
Wii: $159.95

Game only:
Xbox 360: $89.95
PS2: $69.95

Guitar only:
All: $79.95

gh3_wiibox.jpgThe Wii box.

gh3_360guitar.jpgThe Xbox 360 guitar.

gh3_wiiguitar.jpgThe Wii guitar, sans Wiimote.


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