Guitar Hero Mobile Might Actually Be Good?

ghscreen2.jpgMobile phone gaming is not just bad; it's horrendous. And with the ease of slipping a DS in your pocket, who cares? Let the sheep pay too much for crappy phone gaming. But we can't help but to get a little interested over the prospect of Verizon's exclusive Guitar Hero Mobile...if only for the novelty. But according to CNET's early hands-on, it might actually be—dare we say—good?

Playing virtual guitar has gotten easier with a reduction from five keys on the console game's peripheral guitar to three on the phone. Users can choose whichever keypad row feels best.

This game has a lot going for it—easy fretting, satisfying animation, and killer sound quality. Guitar Hero Mobile uses PMD audio for the BREW platform, which preserves the melody, harmony, vocals, and cacophonous ding every time you miss.

But are the buttons of my phone responsive and separated enough to really shred? Probably not. But then again, the "tool factor" has been reduced for public consumption. Look for it this December. 'Guitar Hero Mobile' sneak peek: It rocks [via aeropause]


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