Habbo Hotel Has 80 Million Avatars

Picture%2031.pngConfession: I have never frequented Habbo Hotel. Should I feel ashamed? (Note: Given an over-inflated sense of esteem, anything that I or any other members of the Kotaku staff have failed to experienced is immediately considered worthless and below us when encountered, so the question is rhetorical...if you could even give it that much credit). But a lot of people have tried it out, teens and "teens," producing a total 80 million avatars since the site launched in 2000. Quick division tells us that roughly 10 million avatars have been created per year, or just shy of a million per month. We'd keep spouting off numbers, but you've already stopped reading, continuing your search of import DS titles featuring pantsu and jubblies. "Hobby project" not originally targeted to teens [gameindustry]


    Habbo Rules I go on it it dos I rules people that go on habbo rule!!!!!!

    Habbo Rocks xD

    F/R Me - Kustomised
    I play habbo AU :p

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