Halo 3, Beat in 1753

halo3_5.pngWe frequent Wikipedia as much as the next guy, which makes us appreciate the occasional fanboy revision even more. For instance, did you know that the first time someone beat Halo 3 on legendary difficulty was back in 1753? Of course that's not true! 1753 was so long ago! They didn't even have electricity back then! They didn't even have lightning back then to make the electricity!

Besides, every real Halo fan knows that Halo 3 cannot truly be beaten until the 2500s when Bungie's historical video game prophecies come to pass. Freakin' Wikipedia idiots.

UPDATE: Ahh, apparently this is clever cultural commentary based upon actual fact/Bungie glitches! Damn we love Wikipedians and their wit.

Ah, Wikipedia [wonderland]


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