Bungie Testing Three DLC Halo 3 Maps

princeod.jpgBungie's Frankie teases us with scant details about new maps that the team has been working on for future downloadable content. While he doesn't get into their official names he does nickname three of them and gives a tiny, tiny bit of description:

Jodrell Bank: Includes unique geographical features that make games of Swords and Snipers particularly fun.Moonbase Alpha: A map best suited for objective games like Capture the Flag and Assault and includes some "natural deadlocks." John Carpenter's Prince of Dorkness: "The scariest map of all time. Dark, frightening and surprisingly enormous."

Frankie's update also touches on the whole Arenas fiasco from last week. He called Gilbert Arenas' EXP boosting a little sad, but not strictly cheating and pointed out that most of Bungie's banhammer efforts are directed at those who abuse the much more important skill level system.

Bungie Weekly Update: 10/12/07 [Bungie]


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