Halo 3 Gets a Matchmaking Update


Luke "Legendary" Smith posts over on Bungie that Halo 3's matchmaking received a slight, unannounced, overhaul today. If you hop into the game, and need some time to kill while waiting for a match, check out this list of updates:

Big Team Battle matches are now 16-player affairs. In the Team Slayer playlist, the appearance of Shotty Snipers has been greatly reduced. Now, when players veto Shotty Snipers, the game that results from the veto will not be Shotty Snipers. In one-sided VIP matches, the attacking team will now see a waypoint for the VIP they are hunting. In Lone Wolves, Slayer gametypes will appear more frequently.

Now about that super long wait...

Halo 3: Matchmaking Playlist Update 1


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