Halo 3 Killed The Video Stars

guineapig360-thumb-1.jpgImpression: "Waaahhhh, nobody sees my movies, waaahhh! Hawo fwee is stupid! Wahhh!" No, that wasn't a preview of Gizmodo after getting completely pwned in our tournament later this week, that was Hollywood explaining this year's October, which has seen a 27% drop in theatre revenue. Advertising Age explains that numerous film execs are blaming the game for the poor showing. From analyst Mike Hickey:

The audience on this game is the 18-to-34 demographic, similar to what you'd see in cinemas...this could last for several weeks.

Hollywood, if you are looking for a reason nobody saw The Heartbreak Kid, how about you read the review. And as for consumers choosing excellent video games over mediocre movies, get used to it or improve your product. There are plenty of superb movies out there just dying to break into a closed distribution system.

Bad Box Office? Blame 'Halo' [via cvg]


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