Halo 3 Kotaku Vs. Gizmodo Smackdown Report

mapcap.JPG As predicted, we lost the first ever Kotaku versus Gizmodo Halo 3 challenge last night, 4 to 2.

While the games were close, we should have had a clear, spotless victory since Kotaku alum and Bungie superstar Luke Smith was on our team. I blame, besides our general suckatude, the fact that we never played as a team prior to last night while Giz made the right decision to train as a unit nightly leading up to the event.

Hit the jump for the full report.Game One Team Slayer on Guardian Score: 50:40 Kotaku Win


As you can see we died an awful lot in that first game. Sure we managed to pull out a 10 kill-spread victory, but the lots of dying was a sign of things to come.

Game Two Team Slayer on Construct Score: 50:42 Gizmodo Win


In this second game we managed to have the tables completely turned on us, losing by a 10 kill-spread. I will point out that I am the only one (LUKE) who didn't have a negative kill/death spread.

Game Three Team Slayer on Snowbound Score: 50:49 Gizmodo Win


This loss was, for me, devastating. Mark and I had practiced quite a bit on the map and had come to the conclusion that getting ahead early and then holding the ridge was the way to win. But come game time, the entire team ran for the caves. Still it was a very close game.

Game Four Team Slayer on Epitaph Score: 50:44 Gizmodo Win


We should have talked the map choices through more ahead of time, because Mark, Mike and I had almost never played on this map, and it showed.

Game Five Team Slayer on The Pit Score: 50:39 Kotaku Win


This is one of my favourite maps, it also happens to be the one that Mike, Mark and I practiced most together on. While we won the match, by quite a spread. I still wasn't happy at all with how I did, getting killed a full dozen times and only killing eight.

Game Six Team Slayer on High Ground Score: 50:48 Gizmodo Win


This last match was a real nail-biter. We were trailing by quite a bit and then managed to come back strong, but not strong enough. In the final minutes of this final match we got within two of a win, but then Luke got popped by Team Gizmodo, while Fahey and I cowered in the garage trying not to get in the way.


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