Halo 3 Saved Films Almost Axed

6776459-Full.jpgIf Bungie added one great new feature to Halo 3 that allowed fans to interact with the franchise in a fresh way, it was the Saved Films feature. Especially with what we've already seen of the incredible screenshots, the feature has been a hit—and will unquestionably become the most successful in-game video editor of all time (based upon my three seconds of infallible logic). But the feature was almost cut.

Designer Bob Glessner recalls when someone presumably high in the chain said, "No one will use screen shots, cut it." Luckily a few designers made it a priority to keep the multimedia options,meaning that it's only a matter of time before absolutely everyone in this world has experienced the thrilling sensation of being involuntarily photographed while teabagged. Ridiculously popular feature was nearly cut from Halo 3 [gamesradar][image]


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