Halo 3: The Aftermath

halo3box.jpgThat’s it. We’re done.

As surely as the Master Chief, right now, stands triumphant on his cloud base in the sky, we’re utterly and completely done with all things Halo. I know I am.

Of course, Microsoft says otherwise. It screams it, in fact.

If you’re wondering (or not) just how Australia faired under the vicious onslaught of Halo-mania, MS has gone to the trouble of compiling a number of statistics for us to gawk over, or, if you’re not in the gawking mood, contemplate with a glass of port in your own city of clouds.

All the fat and greasy numbers after the jump.

Halo 3

“¢ Halo 3 has sold 70k units, making it already the 2nd best-selling Xbox 360 title
“¢ Halo 3 has generated $7.5m in software sales, a new record
“¢ Halo 3 accessories (including the Halo 3 special edition console) generated over $2m in revenue
“¢ Total Halo 3 revenue for the week was over $9m, a new record
“¢ Halo 3 accounted for 63% of all next-generation console software revenue

Xbox 360
“¢ Xbox 360 hardware sales increased by 55% over the w/e 23 September
“¢ Xbox 360 hardware sales for September increased by 158% over August
“¢ Xbox 360 was the number one selling console for September
“¢ Xbox 360 held 31% total market share for September, more than any other platform
“¢ Xbox 360 hardware, software and accessories generated over $30m in September, over 50% more than any other platform

Yes, we get it. What John Romero promised to do with Daikatana, Halo 3 did – it made us its bitch. Now, what’s happening with Bungie, fellas?


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