Halo Halloween Hijinks Coming


Frankie doesn't spill much over at Bungie, but he does mention that the multiplayer design team is cooking up a special Halloween treat for Halo 3 players.

Our multiplayer design teams are hard at work on a couple of things. One of them is a fun, seasonal addition to the matchmaking playlist which should keep you entertained for about 27 hours around Halloween. No specifics yet, but suffice it to say that if you want to spend your witchy holiday playing Halo 3, we'll give you some spooktacular reasons to do so.

Frankie then commences to tease us again with little detail about the first downloadable map pack that will be coming to the game, talking about how he first hated a map he nicknamed Purple Reign because of its symmetry and now he loves it. Bah!

On a bright note he did hand out two sets of Recon Armor to gamers who suffered particularly embarrassing deaths in the game. The Rubber Bullet guy and the guy who managed to shoot himself in the head with his own Sniper Rifle both got a set.

Bungie Weekly Update


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