Halo DS Was An "Unsolicited Pitch"

halodssmash.jpgFinally, we can put "Halo DS" to bed. There's been rumours, "proof" and hearsay flying around the place for years now, culminating in this week's "footage" of the game. Thankfully, during his little chat with Crecente earlier today, Bungie's Community and Franchise Director Brian Jarrard clears up the whole mess once and for all:

This rumour has been circulating for a while and as you know we even saw some real life screens and assets this week. Ultimately it's up to Microsoft to decide if and when they take Halo to a different platform. That particular demo was in fact created and I believe it was an unsolicited pitch a long time ago but nothing ever came of it.

Done. Finished. It may have been "real" in the sense you could touch it. But not real in the sense it had nothing to do with Bungie, and was little more than elaborate, digital fan mail.

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