Halo Effect Really About TV, Not Movies

25_reaper.jpg We posted earlier this week about Hollywood's "concern" that Halo 3 is killing their revenue. But what we totally missed a few weeks back was a piece in Variety about the much more likely scenario that Halo 3 is in fact killing TV viewership.

The simultaneous debuts of "Halo 3" and the fall TV season was purely coincidental, of course, but TV execs can't be thrilled that millions of vidgame fans, most of whom are in the elusive young male demo, were occupied elsewhere — by the biggest vidgame launch of the year.

And while it's impossible to draw any definite conclusions, there were signs of young men's absence from the TV dial Sept. 25, "Halo 3's" rollout day.

Fox's hit "House," for instance, saw a 36% boost in female teens from last year's premiere, but was flat among teenage boys. CW's "Reaper," which skewed young and male among those who did tune in, had a soft bow in the same timeslot.

Me? I still find about the same amount of time to watch television, which is maybe an hour a day. I spend typically a little less free time playing games. For me it's about what I can do in the moments before I fall asleep, and so far gaming doesn't have a sleep timer.

Videogame sales glow as fall TV springs to life [Variety]


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