Halo Movie: "Entirely Dead*"

halo_3_movie_dead.jpg*"In the configuration it was in," adds Neill Blomkamp. He's the director hired to helm the Peter Jackson executive produced film adaptation last year and who quickly saw his feature film debut hopes dashed upon the financial rocks by the suits at Universal and Fox. Blomkamp spoke to Creativity Online recently, confirming the film isn't just "on ice", it's chilling at the morgue.

Blomkamp also reveals that the live action Halo shorts that were shown publicly at E3 this year weren't an attempt to jump start production. He tells CO:

There was not even one percent of my mind in doing those short pieces to try and resurrect the film. And I think maybe that's because I'm closer to the film, I know how hard it fell, and I know that doing things like that was not how you're going to get it back on its feet. I never went about making those little pieces like I was trying to resurrect the film.

It all sounds pretty bleak but Blomkamp later told the interviewer "never say never". Maybe there's hope for Master Chief and pals to journey to the big screen at some point after all.

Q&A: Director Neill Blomkamp on Halo Shorts, Film [Creativity Online via NeoGAF]


    As long as they made the Halo *1* the movie, and got Martin O'Donnell to continue doing the music, this has the potential to be the first decent video game to movie.

    But it is no more. Meh, I think it'll be revived one day, just like how Halo will be flogged to death in game form (Not that I blame them).

    P.S. Is there anyone else here?



    Its Halo in that particular configuration that is dead. Pitty too seeing as the ultra realistic sci-fi thing would have been really cool.

    im here but yeah comments are dead and i love hearing peoples opinions on things (or just the stupid arguements taht start up)

    boooo kotaku...booooooooo

    Good! I'm glad it's not going ahead maybe now they will make a movie version of Forza MS!

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