Has the DS Situation Normalised in Japan? (Not Really.)

2007-10-04-201.jpg Earlier this year, Japan was DS crazy. Getting your hands on a DS was hard at best, requiring customers to line-up for the latest shipments. And last year? Last year, Japan was BANANAS for the DS. Things got so bad that retailers began reimporting American DSes and selling them to hungry Japanese customers. The demand seem to have cooled off considerably. When the Crimson/Black DS Lite went on sale last week, there was little fanfare, and it was possible to walk into almost any store and pick one up. Folks didn't line up either! All the other colours are apparently available at most stores in Den-Den Town — though, I did notice the Enamel Navy and the Jet Black DS Lites sold out at couple Akihabara shops on Friday. Does everyone who wants a DS in Japan finally have one? Or is Nintendo finally meeting the demand? Crimson on Sale [Ota Road Blog]


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