Haze Developer Pioneers Radical New Pay System Called "Overtime"

guinness_commercial.jpgI discovered at an early age that I never wanted to work in game development, despite my love for the medium and my illusions of creativity. It was when I learned that programmers, artists and designers had to work weekends that I realised this was not the field for me. We're all presumably familiar with the development cycle "crunch" that sees developers sleeping under their desks, seeing their kids only while they sleep and growing fat on a diet of savory snacks and sweet sodas. And they do it for a set salary. Insanity!

Well, Haze developer Free Radical Design is looking to change the payment structure for its employees, paying them extra money for the extra hours they put in. Genius. Free Radical co-founder Steve Ellis tells Develop that "it's the way that the whole games industry needs to go" and that the indie developer is just adapting early. I know that I certainly appreciated my holiday overtime pay when I was foil-wrapping boiling hot candied hams as a kid! This is just like that!

Free Radical paying its staff overtime [Develop]


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