HD DVD Beating Out Blu-Ray

HD DVD Beating Out Blu-Ray

bluhddvd.jpgThe HD video format war is heating up once again, as Toshiba reports that HD DVD player sales have pulled ahead of Blu-ray as of mid-September. Granted Toshiba themselves make HD DVD players, with a $US 299 model due out this month, but the numbers they cite come from NPD group unit sales figures, which tend to be more accurate than most company lines. With big releases like Heroes Season 1 and Transformers exclusive to the format, I fully expect the trend to continue. Year to date figures show HD DVD sales comprising 53% of sales, with Blu-ray trailing at 44%. Note the figures don’t take into consideration PS3 sales, though the release did state that Toshiba’s expected sales of over 5 million HD DVD PC and notebook drives in fiscal 2008 would make them competitive with the PlayStation 3. Toshiba marketing VP Jodi Sally notes that while Blu-ray has had some big successes, HD DVD prevails.

“When new models hit stores there will be a surge in demand. There were some weeks where we lagged,” said Sally. “But overall HD DVD continues to dominate.”

At this point I am convinced the only way one format will truly win is with price cuts to the movies themselves. Me? I just want mummy and daddy to stop fighting so we can watch movies together.

Toshiba says HD DVD set-top players are back in front
[Video Business via Firing Squad]

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