Heavy Heart, Old Friend and One Cruddy Pumpkin

DSCF9416.JPG To: Crecente From: Bashcraft

Geez, rough. I, as you, do not want to dwell on it, but yah, I really felt kinda depressed all day today, in a funk so to speak. Have a feeling you were too. And no, I'm not talking about losing at Halo 3. That was small potatoes.

Water under the bridge, so hopefully everyone will move up and on.

Good thing was chatting with Luke Smith! Probably there are some newer readers that don't remember when he wrote for us. Luke Smith has the distinction of being the third person hired when we started expanding so many moons ago. I really enjoyed writing with him and always enjoy his conversation. He's good people and a class act.

Oh! So that picture up there? That's our family pumpkin. It's about the size of an apple and has stickers on it. Talk about depressing.

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