Hellgate Halloween Xfire Chat

hellgatechat.jpgXfire is hosting a special chat with the developers of Hellgate: London this Wednesday, which acts as both the launch day for the game as well as International Spooky Day. Flagship Studios CEO Bill Roper rounds out the five-man crack team of people who discuss things:pertaining to Hellgate:

* Bill Roper, CEO Flagship Studios * Aletheia Simonson, Art Producer * Bill Manegold, Game Programmer * Amir Ebrahimi, Graphics Programmer * Guy Somberg, Audio and Gameplay Programmer

The team will discuss the ins and outs of creating the game while touching on the game mechanics, classes, multiplayer, etc. The chat is scheduled for 10PM GMT, which in a real time zone like Eastern is 6PM. Silly made-up time zones.

Hellgate: London Page at Xfire [Xfire]


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